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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

How will an MBTI interpretation affect you or your organization?

It will result in:

  • Improved individual and team efficiency, leading to greater personal & organizational achievement
  • Effective interpersonal and team communication
  • Enhanced problems solving and decision-making skills
  • Conflict prevention and resolution abilities
  • Recognition and management of stress
  • Productive team composition
  • More manageable organizational changes through improved planning and implementation
  • Leadership / Management development
  • Competency in examining organizational tendencies and diversity
  • Awareness of individual learning styles within an organizational setting
  • Exposure to your organizations’ motivators and de-motivators
  • Greater appreciation for the strengths and talents of your members

Greater Understand:

  • Where do I prefer to focus my attention?
  • Where do I get my energy?
  • How do I prefer to take in information?
  • How do I deal with the outer world?
  • Characteristics commonly associated with each type
  • How others may view each preference in a personality
  • Potential areas of growth
  • Career development choice

Differences in personality behavior, both in personal and professional settings, result from people’s tendencies to use their minds in diverse ways, called preferences. These preferences, all normal and valuable human behaviors, interact and combine to create a psychological type. 

Based on Carl G. Jung’s theories of personality, MBTI will identify participants as one of 16 personality types, and provide a clear understanding of the remaining types. It is this understanding of each type that will lead to a greater understanding of team dynamics as well as better communication, for the confirming nature of the questionnaire encourages self-discovery and respect for human differences. 

The MBTI is based on over 50 years of research and development and is the most widely used instrument for understanding normal personality differences. 

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